Our company has used Newman’s Flooring Service on many different occasions.  Sometimes their reports have said that the problem was caused by something that we did at the job-site and sometimes it is found to be the manufacturer’s responsibility.  Whether the opinion is favorable or not, we have always found them to present an accurate report.  They offer a fair and unbiased analysis that is able to accurately pin-point a solution to a problem.  Often they are able to resolve the issue with the homeowner while they are still at the house, and at times we have hired them to repair the issue.  My customers always seem to appreciate their timeliness and thoroughness in trying to resolve unpleasant problems.  If I had a situation that required their services, Newman’s Flooring Service is a professional company that I would not hesitate to use.


Bruce Koren

Metro Flooring, San Diego CA


It was a pleasure to use you [Newman’s Flooring Services] at a customer’s house. I am happy this one went in my favor even though you have done some that have not. I tell everyone about your integrity that sometimes I win and sometimes I lose but I know for sure that we are getting the truth. That is so refreshing since manufacturers have sent others to our jobs and they have been less than objective. Thank you for taking the time to explain to the customers what you are doing and why, it really helps. 


Bill Baker
Sterling Interiors/ Design



Thank you for coming to my home to do the color repair areas for my carpet.  You are a true “artist”, as the matches were right on the money in all areas treated.  The spots are now invisible and undetectable regarding their original locations.  A perfect blend!  You truly saved everyone involved a lot of time, money, and inconvenience of having to avoid replacing the carpet. On top of that you were always a true professional.  Always polite, pleasant, and flexible to work with!  I wish all service people understood the value of great customer service as you exemplify. …A very satisfied customer!


Marty Carlos