We service all types of flooring and flooring issues regarding manufacture, installation, maintenance, and/or specification in both commercial and residential applications. 


All types of carpet or rug, with all types of manufacturing process such as tufted, woven, fusion bonded, or any other method, in both commercial and residential installations.



All types of wood floorings such as solid plank, engineered, and laminate flooring, as well as all types of bamboo flooring.


All types of hard surface flooring including, but not limited to, granite, slate, Saltillo, marble, porcelain, and ceramic. 

All types and styles of vinyl flooring (sheet, tile, and plank) as well as linoleum, rubber, and applied coatings.


All tiled or solid surfaces such as Corian, Surell, or Fountainhead, granite and other stone materials, fired tile constructions such as mosaic, ceramic, or porcelain tiles, as well as laminate constructed counter tops such as Formica.



Testing of concrete slabs for vapor emissions and/or excesive moisture content.